Dragon Age ist für Erwachsene

Auf der in dieser Woche stattfindenden Games Developers Conference sprach IGN mit den beiden Bioware-Doktoren Greg Zeschuk und Ray Muzyka über deren Projekte. Auch Dragon Age war natürlich ein Thema:

"Dragon Age you can picture fitting back into the more core BioWare experience," said Zeschuk. "it's fun for us to get back to fantasy, there's a huge amount of passion for that." The game will take on a dark, brooding atmosphere, they say, yet remain a heroic experience. "We'll certainly have humor, but the world is a pretty heavy world. I don't think it's a direct social commentary, but there's a lot of strife…it feels very mature. It's not like a kids fantasy where there's dancing elves. It's for adults." They promised more information will start to roll out soon.

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